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At the College of Central London we can help you to set yourself on track to be accepted onto a university course with our variety of college courses, including the Level 4 Maritime and Logistics course (progression to the second year) the Level 3 Pearson BTEC Extended Diploma fast-track course (Russell Group universities - 1st year), and HND Business or Computing (university third year top up to degree). Work out your ucas tariff points

Maritime Management and Logistics

Each of the units on the Level 4 ABMA approved course involves three assignments and two controlled assessments. This is the only such course available at this level. The world fleet of merchant ships and tankers provide the means of transport of every conceivable type of product: grain, crude oil and gas, iron ore, bauxite/alumina and other raw materials, chemicals, fertilisers, vast amount of foodstuffs, timber and construction materials without which the world economy would come to a standstill. The globalisation of the world economy has seen a huge growth in volume of the international seaborne trade, in bulk carriers or in cargo container ships of this learning will be on being disciplined enough to get on with the assignments with minimal tutor support. This course will give you the knowledge and skills to trade globally.


Wherever possible, students are encouraged to use the knowledge gained in the work or life experiences as evidence in the assignments. The assessment allows for formative and summative feedback and marking, so that you have every chance to obtain higher grades. As a rule, we will accept two drafts (formative) and a final submission (summative) before awarding a final grade. In controlled assessment students will be sent a revision pack and case study two weeks before taking it. Read more......

University Recognised

In order to start a degree course, you will need to obtain Merits, and in some cases, Distinctions, in the Level 5 units. These grades are converted to points which are equivalent to UCAS tariff points, meaning they go a long way to securing a university place. Read more about progression with Maritime courses......  Read more about progression with BTEC Level 3...........

BTEC Extended Diploma (180 credits), Diploma (120 credits)

The BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma is a one-year course that contains 18 units, which is the equivalent of 3 A-Levels. This course is ideal for anyone who found themselves studying A-Levels but felt that they chose the wrong course.

By studying for this fast-track diploma, you will make up the year that you previously lost, and still be able to apply for university at the same time as your peers. It is good preparation for a business degree, plus, there are no exams. This course is not an easy alternative to A Levels. Students have to put a lot of hours into producing assignments of the standard expected. The guided number of learning hours required for the Diploma course (120 credits) is 720 hours which is 60 hours per unit or 1080 hours for the Extended Diploma (180 credits). Wherever possible students will be encouraged to use the knowledge gained in life experiences, observation and research as evidence in the assignments. More information on these BTEC course can be found here

The Level 3 programme is intended for those who are either new to facilities management, or those with little to basic facilities management experience and wish to enhance their skills. A degree is not needed to get started, and Level 3 makes it easy to start in facilities management regardless of one’s background. Learners could be working in Front of House or in a hotel and want to acquire more skills, plus, there are plenty of opportunities in facilities management - everything from shopping centres, hospitals, and even skyscrapers. Read more.......

IWFM Level 4

The Level 4 course will be taught on Tuesday evenings over a period of 6-9 months, with a choice of taking the Award, Certificate, or Diploma. We are now running the Level 4 Diploma as a qualification in its own right, which leads to member grade status of the BIFM with some experience requirements.

Those who achieve at least two units at Level 4 to qualify for the Award, or four units to qualify for the Certificate. An opportunity exists to switch to the Level 5 Award/Certificate/Diploma. After 26 years of experience in delivering IWFM courses, the college has found that most FM’s recognise Level 4 Certificate/Diploma as the choice qualification. The Level 4 route provides a sound foundation for initial learning, for which 6 credits can be transferred to the Level 5 Diploma.

The Level 4 programme is intended for those aspiring to become facilities managers or those in middle management with some FM experience, and who wish to enhance their specialist and management skills. Achievement of the level 4 Diploma and the requisite number of years experience will satisfy the entry requirements for IWFM Member grade. Read more.....

IWFM Level 5

The Level 5 programme is intended for professionals with several years’ fm

experience who will normally have mid-management experience in a facilities
management sector and wish to enhance their specialist and management skills.
The structure complies with the requirements of the Regulated Qualifications Framework
(RQF) and is made up of mandatory and optional units for either the Certificate

or Diploma qualification. Assessment for these units is by written assignments. Read more.......

IWFM Level 6

The Level 6 course will be taught on Tuesday evenings over a period of 12 - 15 months, with a choice of taking the Award, Certificate, or Diploma. We are now running the Level 6 Diploma alongside level 5 with additional workshops. The course leads to Certified grade status of the IWFM with the post nominals CIWFM.

Applicants for the level 6 Diploma will normally be practising senior facilities managers
and would generally have budgetary and staff responsibility as part of their role. All applicants will need to provide a detailed CV of their career to date, details of prior qualifications and training and an organisation chart. Each learner will be interviewed for suitability. Applicants may apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) or exemptions for certificated achievements outside of the Regulated Qualifications Framework

In addition to this form of delivery, we could see how you might be able to develop portfolios of work mapped against learning outcomes thereby reducing the amount of words you need to write in assessments. The tutor will tailor the deliveries to your specific workplace so the knowledge you gain will help you lead FM strategy by example. So as well as producing
reports and portfolios for the course, these will be directly transferable to
the workplace to be of maximum benefit to your place of work. Read more.......

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